Screenfeed Adds AI Tools For First Time To Content-Building App

March 21, 2024 by Dave Haynes

The digital signage-centric content firm Screenfeed has added some light AI capabilities for the first time to one of its content-building apps.

Community Events, says the Minneapolis-based company in a marketing email, is the first content app from Screenfeed to incorporate the use of Artificial Intelligence. In this case, AI is used to improve event descriptions, fix incorrect information as well as moderation of events for appropriateness.

We can offer a custom AI Moderator that will select events based on your goals.

While Screenfeed is perhaps best known for polished-looking subscription content feeds for screen networks, based on curating and making pretty a variety of licensed data feeds, the company also have apps and tools for network operators who need to develop hyper-local messages that require their own text inputs.

As we all know, some people are really good at writing and conveying information, while others … not so much. Running this sort of thing through AI tools isn’t going to take humans out of the content production equation, but it just like good old spell-check in desktop word processing applications, this can speed up the workflow and touch up messaging.

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