Spanish Retailer Deploys Customer-Facing Screens Across Some 100 Stores, Five Countries

March 20, 2024 by Dave Haynes

The Spanish retail chain Tea Shop, which sells guess what, has deployed a network of screens across roughly 100 stores in its home country, as well as  Portugal, Italy, Brazil and Argentina.

The company sells more than 140 varieties of bulk tea in its stores, and was looking for ways to improve customer experiences and by extension, sell more stuff.

“Our needs were focused on optimizing interaction with consumers, providing detailed information about our products in a dynamic and efficient way, as well as highlighting promotions and special events in a more effective way,” says Ana María Avilés Pinto, the chain’s Marketing Communication Manager. “In addition, we were looking for a solution that would allow a more agile and centralized management of content in all our stores.”

They settled on a solution in most stores that includes a high bright 55-inch screen facing out to passing consumers, and a 22-inch touch display inside that has a digital catalog with all the varieties of teas. The screens all run on Barcelona-based’s players and software.

“In addition, the displays offer us the opportunity to effectively communicate promotions, special events and relevant information about our products,” says Aviles Pinto. “We wanted to strengthen the connection with our customers by providing personalized and updated content in real time.” 

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