Generative Art By Refik Anadol On Huge Video Wall Opens NVIDIA’s Big GTC Event

March 20, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Tech giant NVIDIA, whose fortunes have rocketed withe the rise of crypto and AI, had its NVIDIA GTC (short for GPU Technology Conference) this week in Silicon Valley – kicked off with a rock concert-like keynote at a packed 18,000-seat pro sports arena.

There was a pile of news and insights about AI chips and GPUs, and plenty of infinitely more suitable online resources to read about that stuff, but what interested me was the pre-show before CEO Jensen Huang came out for his talk

The SAP Arena was set up with a huge stage for the keynote, backed by an equally huge screen – probably rental LED, but maybe projection. Ahead of the talk, the screen was used for a lengthy generative art piece from Refik Anadol – who is as much a rock star in generative art as Huang is in computing hardware.

Here is Anadol with Huang, probably before or after a dry run ahead of the keynote.

The shape-shifting piece is reminiscent of what Anadol produced for an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. This one used more than 500 million sourced images – working with Getty Images – and NVIDIA’s Picasso platform.

It is weirdly difficult to find much video, but here’s a couple of clips on Twitter/X.

Poking around Linkedin got me a few still images of the show, dubbed Large Nature Model: Living Art.

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