Key-Copying Kiosk Company Has Ad Network Of More Than 4,200 Screens In US Retail

March 18, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Anyone who has been in the digital signage industry for a few years knows how there are always newbie entrepreneurs excited about launching networks that put screens on all kinds of things, in all kinds of places.

And anyone who has been in the digital signage industry for a few years knows very few of them ever go much of anywhere.

I had that immediate sense when an email came in about a network of DOOH ad screens on key-making kiosks, but then I saw the US network has a footprint of at least 4,200 screens. So it has the kinds of scale and coverage needed to at least get considered for ad plans.

KeyMe says it has more than 6,000 kiosks “in a diverse array of top U.S. retailers, including not just grocery and convenience stores, but also mass, gas stations, hardware, malls, pharmacies, and large retail chains.”

So the information on the website is a bit dated or not all of the kiosks have screens. Whatever the case, 4,200+ is a lot.

The idea is that when someone needs a key copied, and they use the machine, there is some dwell time for the customer – and an opportunity to see a series of 15-second spots on the 27-inch portrait mode screens.

The pitch is also that the kiosks are in high traffic areas, with over 80% near checkouts or entrances/exits, so other shoppers will see them.

The network is being sold by Screenverse Media, which is roughly described as a third-party ad sales rep shop for DOOH networks.

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