Fifth Third Bank Opens Flashy, LED-Forward Branch Inside Cincinnati’s Airport

March 15, 2024 by Dave Haynes

US banker Fifth Third has opened a flashy new branch, with a big LED gateway and digital canopy inside, at the airport of its head office city, Cincinnati.

The full-service branch is located on a concourse of Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, offering regular banking but also handling foreign currency requests from customers. It replaces a smaller branch on the same concourse.

While ATMs are common in airports, full service branches are relatively rare. The branch differs from a lot of conventional branches, however, with no teller stations and leans more to the coffee shop/hangout design and feel done in high profile branches by some bankers in the US, UK and elsewhere.

The aim, says the bank, is to offer up a space where travelers want to spend time while waiting for their flights.

If you fly through or out of that airport, the bank is located near the top of the escalators that take people up to Concourse B, next to a Starbucks and across from the food court.

No hard details on the digital design/technical side of this job, but the build-out includes the nice, tilted LED gateway, an LED feature wall at the rear and a canopy that at least looks to have a mosaic of LED cabinets built into the drywall ceiling. It looks like the whole canopy is a mix of LED and drywall, which makes it visually different and interesting, but would also limit the capital costs.

I THINK this is a ComQi job on the software side.


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