Iconic Boston Sports Bar Upgrades With 32 Screens For Diehard Fans

March 13, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Screens in sports bars are pretty much as essential as draft beer taps, but an iconic bar in downtown Boston REALLY went to town in screens in a recent renovation – with Scores putting in 32 around its venue.

The screens range in dimension from 55 up to 98 inches, and are up there for diehard Bruins, Celtics, Sox and Patriots fans on game days.

The AV upgrade was done by integrator Rexx Home Systems and used infrastructure from vendors like Snap One.

Pro AV people can nerd-out here on the gear used …

“Sports always will be a huge part of our identity and as diehard fans, we would never want to change that,” says Scores general manager Tyler Smith in PR. “We want to be top-of-mind to everyone from our fellow Boston sports fanatics to groups looking for something fun to do on a Tuesday night.”

A thoughtful 21st century approach to the addition of technology would help the Scores management team achieve this goal while keeping the establishment’s original championship DNA intact.

Perhaps the most noticeable and appreciated update are the 32 digital displays occupying nearly every square inch of wall space. Carefully integrated into the building’s original exposed brick walls and millwork, and without detracting too much from priceless collections of sports memorabilia, the commercial-grade displays are arguably the biggest draw of the new business.

“There isn’t a bad seat in the house,” says Jason Record, owner of Rexx Home Systems, the tech integration firm hired for the transformation. “No matter where you sit, you can see multiple games.” The sheer number of displays alone ensures a good view from anywhere. Generous screen sizes from 55 to 98 inches and the tilt mechanisms of the Strong mounts from Snap One enhance that view. Rexx Home Systems made sure patrons would never struggle to hear the game day commentary, either. Fifty commercial-grade speakers and subwoofers installed inconspicuously within the ceiling blanket the bar with crisp, crystal-clear audio.

Stretching across immense square footage and multiple levels, Scores would require an equally expansive AV distribution system, as well as a simple way to manage and control it. Rexx Home Systems charged Snap One’s Control4 automation platform, along with its Binary MoIP (Media over IP) system, Triad electronics and Control4 entertainment and automation controllers, among other technologies, with these critical tasks. Highly customizable and interoperable, this suite of high-performance products professionally installed by Rexx Home Systems distributes multiple streams of high-resolution audio and video from a wide array of sources to whichever TVs and speakers the on-duty Scores manager chooses.

The system can be controlled via a Control4 smartphone app or a 10-inch Control4 wall-mounted touchscreen. Rexx Home Systems layered in Control4’s MultiDisplay Manager software to streamline the navigation process. Instead of scrolling through options, users refer to and select from a virtual layout of Scores’ AV sources, TVs and speakers. “It’s so much more efficient than walking throughout the bar with an armload of remote controls,” says Smith. “We can get everything up and running just the way we like it in seconds.” Equally important, this mode of control lets Scores finetune the AV distribution to the needs of its diverse customer base. “If someone is renting a section of Scores for a private party, for example, music and a slideshow on the 98-inch screen can play there while the rest of the facility stays engrossed in the sports action,” Record explains.

Automated lighting scenes enhance the ambiance. Again, the Control4 user interface makes adjusting countless fixtures across the enormous space quick and easy. Integrating Score’s lighting into the Control4 platform proved relatively straightforward, as well, accomplished by swapping the building’s existing wall switches for smart dimmers and switches from Control4 and some programming work. From the same app or touchscreen that directs the flow of AV signals, as well as custom Control4 keypads, Scores managers can dim and brighten lights perfectly for any occasion, time of day, or customer preference. The same app or touchscreen provides single button control for lighting scenes, or whole scene execution for AV and lights. 


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