Hisense Latest Display Maker To Develop, Market Own Commercial Digital Signage CMS

March 12, 2024 by Dave Haynes

China’s Hisense is the latest flat panel display manufacturer to develop and start marketing its own digital signage software platform, announcing a CMS and remote device management solution called VisionInfo.

The software is described by Hisense as cloud-based, flexible, cost-effective, and very scalable.

VisionInfo includes a comprehensive CMS solution and advanced remote display management features. It provides users the freedom to edit and publish content while ensuring it looks great across all displays in a system. It is a powerful, effective and easy to use tool to manage content and control your displays at anytime from anywhere.

I’m not sure how this is positioned – whether it is for small volume, small business customers who don’t want to pay for a commercial CMS. Or Hisense could be going down the path of Samsung and competing for software business with its CMS partners. Hisense’s CMS ecosystem, at least what’s listed online, is pretty small.

Hisense has been around digital signage for several years now, starting with “prosumer” displays (tweaked TVs) and then getting into full commercial products.

One of the largest display manufacturers globally based on sales volume, Hisense got even more serious about pro AV last year – doing an “exclusive U.S. distribution partnership with Exertis Almo, one of  the largest and most specialized value-added AV distributors in North America.

The agreement saw the full line of Hisense’s 32- to 100-inch digital signage displays and direct-view LED all-in-one 136- and 163-inch models available via the disty.

Credit to Hisense for looking at the marketplace and understanding the demand and importance for device management. The spec sheet suggests it ticks several key boxes. While device management has always been essential functionality, it wasn’t taken seriously a lot of companies until the last few years.

Here’s a product launch video about VisionInfo.

There seems to be four main threads to all this:

  1. Companies like Samsung that have developed product that specifically competes for CMS software business;
  2. Companies like Sony that have developed big CMS partner ecosystems and don’t have their own software;
  3. Display manufacturers who have CMS software that mainly exists to serve the entry-level, I-don’t-want-to-pay-for-software market;
  4. Manufacturers like PPDS (Philips) who have special purpose software like device management PPDS Wave), but no CMS.

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