Mvix, Shuttle Partner On Digital Signage Bundle Of Perpetual Software And Dedicated Player

March 11, 2024 by Dave Haynes

The DC-area digital signage CMS solutions company Mvix has long had its own selection of media players tuned to work with its platform, but has now added a partner option based around a perpetual license of Mvix software and a small 4K box from the US subsidiary of Taiwan PC maker Shuttle.

The SM30N Digital Signage Media Player ships pre-loaded with a one-time license of Mvix CMS, with the proposition that the integrated solution removes any operating cost burden of monthly subscription fees, and makes deployment relatively effortless.

“We focused on simplifying the user experience and the delivery system,” says Tosh Akhgar, Director of Sales & Marketing at LA-based Shuttle Computers. “The initial hurdle in digital signage projects often revolves around managing monthly subscriptions and billing across a networked deployment. Our perpetual licensed bundle, coupled with our hardware, offers a solution to this widespread challenge.”

“Additionally, our streamlined online store for purchasing this bundle and personalized communication with project managers for customization make us enthusiastic about introducing this new tool to the digital signage marketplace.”

“By bundling Shuttle Computers & Mvix solutions, we are providing unparalleled service and ROI to digital signage users worldwide,” adds Mike Kilian, VP of Client Relations at Mvix. “This value also translates to our partner channel, where the Shuttle Computers & Mvix solution can be deployed seamlessly and efficiently.”

The Shuttle/Mvix hardware/software solution is available now and can be purchased through either the Shuttle or Mvix websites.

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