Two Canadian Adtech Companies Collaborate On DOOH Ad-Buying Toolset For 2024 US Election

March 8, 2024 by Dave Haynes

In an interesting twist, a couple of Canadian adtech companies have developed what they call an auction package auction package that will allow American media buyers to plan and execute programmatic DOOH campaigns for candidates in the 2024 U.S. elections.

The package is an integration between Montreal-based CMS and DOOH platform Broadsign and Toronto-based demand-side platform StackAdapt.

It’s a wildly attractive opportunity for adtech firms, given that political ad spend is expected to reach $15.9B.

The arrangement involves a curated set of premium screens from the Broadsign supply-side-platform (SSP) that are pre-vetted as publisher-approved for political advertising in the U.S.   

From PR:  

The political advertising auction package is available via newly added native support for Broadsign Auction Packages on the StackAdapt DSP, which include curated audiences, inventory, and contextual locations. Streamlining campaign activations, Auction Packages allow StackAdapt buyers to discover and understand the screens that are most relevant to their target audience, streamline the OOH creative upload and approval process and conduct cross-channel campaign analysis. Once buyers select an auction package, they can use StackAdapt’s toolset to apply advanced targeting filters or their own data to ensure their ads land on the screens that will make the most impact.  
As a result of the integration, localized political OOH campaign planning with the new political advertising auction package becomes much more straightforward at a time when local advertising accounts for 85% of OOH political ad spend. Previously, buyers would apply multiple political filters to identify screens optimized and approved for political advertising. Now, the curated auction package puts all “political-approved” inventory at the fingertips of buyers and ensures they no longer waste resources planning for or bidding on OOH inventory that won’t run due to state or federal regulations or publisher preferences. Through the platform, buyers have full transparency into the location of each screen, impressions, dimensions, as well as a picture of it, and the name of the associated media owner.  
“Many publishers and media owners today don’t allow political advertising, and for OOH, the process is inherently complex, as it’s not easily clear which OOH publishers do and don’t accept political ads, which is where our work with Broadsign is filling a real niche,” says Michael Shang, SVP of Advertising Technologies, StackAdapt. “It simplifies the intricate web of political OOH ad transactions, ensuring OOH campaigns reach the right OOH venues and audiences, and we’re thrilled to share the offering with the market.” 

“Our collaboration with StackAdapt is an extension of our commitment to continued innovation and responsible OOH advertising, and a testament to the value of leveraging custom auction packages for more efficient and targeted campaign planning and execution,” says John Dolan, VP, Global Head of Media Sales, Broadsign. “A pivotal development for the industry, it provides an industry-wide solution for navigating the unique challenges that accompany political OOH advertising.”  

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