Interesting “LED Shelf Frame” Draws Eyes To A Brand’s Merchandised Shelf

March 7, 2024 by Dave Haynes

I stumbled across a couple of photos of what is called an LED shelf frame, and while the name and visuals max out what I know, I think it is interesting.

The “frame” is marketed by a Romanian company, POS Media Romania, that specializes in on-premise retail media.

The company site doesn’t say what it is or how it works, or if it does I couldn’t find that. So I wasn’t sure if the whole frame is active and changeable, or if it is just a printed graphic piece backlit by LED.

Update: The company responded and said it is just a backlit piece of POP.

Nonetheless, it’s an intriguing idea:

1 – The physical frame alone probably draws attention and closer looks;

2 – If it was digital, using finer pitch LED ribbon strips, it could be particularly eye-catching without really stealing shelf space and hiding stocked product.


  1. DYDOMITE says:

    I like it! I think I might tweak it by putting LEDs on the inside to highlight the product too.

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