Samsung US Forges Partnership To Market And Deliver Managed Services For Its VXT CMS Platform

March 5, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Samsung’s US wing has developed and announced a managed services offer for its new-ish VXT Content Management System, working with a third-party firm and selling it through a technology solutions brokerage.

The partnership with Sacramento’s Quest Technology Management is intended to allow the small to medium business market Samsung says VXT is all about to have the management of screen networks outsourced. The service will be marketed exclusively through Utah-based Telarus technology advisors.

From PR:

The all-in-one managed service package enables SMB owners to modernize their business environments with simplified content and device management and state-of-the-art displays to amplify brand impact.

“Digital signage offers businesses of all sizes a powerful way to elevate their brand experiences and deliver high-impact content that engages customers and drives revenue growth,” says Sukhmani Mohta, Head of Marketing and Partnerships, Display Division, Samsung Electronics America. “We developed VXT as a cloud-native solution to simplify content creation, delivery and device management. Leveraging our signage and VXT with Quest and Telarus, businesses can instantly deploy content in real-time, from anywhere, and unlock the full potential of their digital signage ecosystems.”

Quest’s services, the PR continues, include the provision of endpoints, installation, cloud SaaS integration and carrier services to support the displays — all under one consolidated agreement.

Neither of these companies is familiar to me, and I don’t think either has been particularly active in the pro AV/signage marketplace. But that doesn’t mean what they’d do here is outside their so-called wheelhouses. Quest, for example, has a big range of cybersecurity capabilities – something a wee bit more exotic and involved than changing the on-screen price of chocolate-glazed donuts.

I could easily be wrong, but I can’t really envision the truly small end of the SMB market spending the money to outsource the work to managed services companies. But medium-sized businesses, at least some, would be conditioned to outsourcing IT services, so that’s probably more what might happen with this.

And while Samsung PR and talking points position VXT as a being focused on SMB, the company has trumpeted deals for VXT involving decidedly enterprise jobs like the midwest grocer Hy-Vee.

I did an extensive interview and write-up about VXT after its launch at ISE a few weeks ago.

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