21 Minutes Well-Spent: Video Walks Through Gensler’s Digital Experience Design Process

March 5, 2024 by Dave Haynes

This is a really worthwhile 21 minutes, when you have time, digging into the design and execution process for experiential spaces, as laid out by the director of media architecture at Gensler, the world’s largest architecture and design company.

NYC-based Michael Luck Schneider explains in this video the iterative design process he and the digital experience team at Gensler use to dream up, test, refine and deliver projects that have elements of screens or related technology built in.

He was asked to speak on the topic at the invidis-run half-day digital signage conference during ISE. I saw Schneider in the exhibit halls during ISE week, but I was tied up and missed his presentation. So I was happy to see the video of it posted this week.

He makes a bunch of good points and really, really reinforces the need for spending a lot of time looking at the built space to do everything from assessing sightlines to logging natural light patterns in the space to assess what that might mean for viewability and/or energy needs.

My first question in the design process is always “Why?” Why is something digital being considered and why in this built space? But there a bunch of questions and processes that follow.

Michael is a super-smart, very thoughtful guy I have known since he was at ESI Design. He moved over to Gensler several years ago.


Like I said at the top, 21 minutes well spent if your role in this industry has you involved at the what to do and where to do it stages of projects.

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