Survey Suggests Digital Signage Now In Place in 84% Of US Retail Banking: DBSI

March 4, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Banking-focused solutions provider DBSI has released the 2024 version of an annual benchmarking survey on the use of Digital Signage and Experiential Marketing within retail banking and the corporate offices of bankers, with the free-to-download report suggesting screens inside and around banks are very common.

The survey done by the Phoenix-area company with 90 banks and credit unions indicates just 16 percent of them don’t have digital signage screens in their branches, and that the mix of what’s being done has extended now to technologies like LED video walls and outdoor displays.

Logically, the survey suggests the larger banks, the more investment they make in digital signage technology. But not as logically, credit unions are almost twice as likely than banks to leverage digital signage across their entire branch network. Typically, they’re quicker to embrace digital signage.

If you chase retail banking as a vertical, there are some good little nuggets of information here about such things as the content mix in branches.


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