My Post-ISE Talk For Portuguese Digital Signage Community To Be Scheduled Stream March 14th

March 4, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Instead of heading straight home from Integrated Systems Europe last month, I weirdly decided 17 Celsius and an AirBnB on a beach was more palatable than returning quickly to the relentless snow and cold being experienced back home in Canada. So we stopped off in Porto, Portugal, making my office a chair and ottoman looking out over the waves rolling in at Praia de Salgueiros.

The beautiful little city of Braga is just up an impressively fast highway from Porto, and one of the things I did on my working holiday was a talk and then panel discussion there about the trends I saw coming out of ISE.

That event was organized by the team at Braga-based Edigma, which encompasses specialty display via DISPLAX, queue management via Moviik, and experiential and integration work through the umbrella company Edigma.

That team had done me a GIANT favor by equipping the 2024 ISE Mixer with a check-in kiosk they tweaked to my needs and HAND-CARRIED to Barcelona, even putting it in an overhead bin on flights, so there was no risk of it not showing up (as was the case a few weeks earlier at DSE). I tried to return that favor by doing the talk, which on Feb. 8th pulled in almost 100 people from the area and as far afield as Lisbon.

It went well enough that the live talk is being replicated as an online video you can log in and watch. It was all done in English, as my Portuguese vocabulary caps out at  mais (more) Super Bock, vinho tinto or pasteis de nata, por favor.

Here’s a snippet …

I have watched a good amount of the video and am pretty happy with how it came off. I am also happy the camera was not on me when I ALMOST back-stepped off the podium. I have a tendency to wander as I talk. That would have been an interesting “what happened?” discussion with the paramedics.

My presentation was followed by a lengthy discussion panel and Q&A with a couple of experts from the region:

The video session is set for March 14 at 10:30 AM Lisbon time. You can register here:

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