Top 5 Trends In Digital Signage To Watch In 2024

March 1, 2024 by guest author, Julian Arcila

Guest Post: Julián Arcila 

Annually, industries forecast the key trends for the forthcoming year, and the digital signage sector is no different. Indeed, the conversation around digital signage extends beyond mere media players, HDMI cables, and displays.

The digital signage realm has undergone several minor revolutions. Initially, bulky PC towers served as the backbone for media players. In contrast, modern digital signage systems now seamlessly integrate with various peripherals such as sensors, cameras, and scanners, supporting multiple concurrent applications.

Currently, the shift towards entirely cloud-based infrastructures is underway. The scope and applications of digital signage have evolved, driven by the expectation for these networks to extend beyond mere content playback.

To ignite dialogue and creative thinking, consider these five pivotal trends in digital signage for 2024:

These trends are intricately linked, where progress in one domain fosters growth in the others.

The Expanding Nexus Between Digital Signage and OOH

DOOH is still the big buzz in digital signage. Flip through any industry news, and you’ll see DOOH making waves more than anything else.

More DOOH projects? That translates to even more digital signage action. Here’s the scoop:

According to Straits Research, the DOOH market is set to hit $57.93 billion by 2030, with a steady growth rate of 13.20% from 2022. Meanwhile, Google plans to phase out third-party cookies by the end of Q4, impacting digital ads since Chrome holds over 60% of the browser market. As digital ads lose some effectiveness, advertisers will likely scout for new channels to showcase their content.

More advanced DOOH projects will drive innovation in both hardware and software.

The Rising Need for Insights and Analytics

DOOH installations are more than just eye-catchers; they’re gold mines of data, capturing every interaction and engagement. Advertisers and retailers dive deep into this data to decode real-time consumer behaviors and preferences.

This surge in DOOH popularity is carving out new niches for digital signage manufacturers, particularly those whose products can mesh seamlessly with powerful analytics platforms and smart peripherals.

It’s becoming essential for digital signage integrators to get savvy with tech like computer vision, heatmaps, QR and NFC technology, and interactive displays. The industry is leaning towards solutions that gather and smartly synthesize data from these innovations.

But it’s not just about collecting data; it’s about making it work for us. This quest for actionable insights is steering us towards the next big trend.

The AI/ML Surge in Digital Signage

AI and ML have been hot topics in the B2B world for the last decade, but the release of ChatGPT in late 2022 took things to a whole new level, especially with generative AI catching everyone’s eye.

Digital signage, with its rich data streams, is ripe for an AI/ML revolution. These technologies can dive deep into the data, tailoring content that truly resonates and elevating the DOOH game.

The ripple effect of AI/ML on digital signage is still unfolding, but the early signs suggest a transformative shift in content creation and delivery. Generative AI is already simplifying engaging content creation, with several tools popping up to craft videos that captivate quickly.

AI’s influence extends to how content is served up, too. Programmatic advertising is getting smarter, ensuring ads hit the right audience at the right time. Meanwhile, dynamic content adaptation is becoming more nuanced, adjusting in real-time to the viewer’s immediate response.

But this data deluge brings its own challenges – storage, prioritization, and decision-making agility. These considerations neatly segue into the next big shift: the rise of edge computing.

The Rise of Edge Computing

Edge computing is stepping up as AI/ML’s perfect partner, offering swift data processing where needed for today’s ultra-personalized digital signage experiences.

Don’t think of edge computing as the cloud’s replacement, though; it’s more of its partner in crime. The duo together is dynamite, especially for digital signage setups where quick, revenue-boosting decisions are the name of the game.

Manufacturers are taking note, gearing up to craft devices that aren’t just smart but also robust, capable of juggling loads of data and multitasking like pros. This push for adaptable, powerful, and easy-to-integrate tech paves the way for our final trend.

The Dawn of Adaptability and Seamless Integration

For digital signage integrators, every tick of the clock counts. They’re on a never-ending quest to slash setup times, dodge potential pitfalls, and safeguard their profit margins.

But how can tech rise to this challenge? Gone are the days when hardware was just hardware. Today’s market demands more—devices that don’t just do the job but excel at it.

Enter the era of tailor-made solutions, where hardware isn’t just versatile but comes paired with software that makes installation a breeze, keeps tabs on system health, and stands ready for any hiccups.

And it’s not just about the products. Hardware manufacturers and software developers must develop their engineering prowess, guiding integrators from kickoff to project wrap-up, ensuring every installation is successful and exemplary.

Wrapping It Up

As we move forward, there will be a surge in demand for solutions that effortlessly blend cutting-edge tech with steadfast, easy-to-manage setups. The spotlight will be on offerings that simplify the integration of harmonious apps, peripherals, and hardware, making them the go-to choice.

And with that, we wrap up our trend watch. How will these trends shape up? Only time will tell. 


Julian Arcila has more than 15 years of dynamic, performance-driven experience in marketing communications, with specialization in designing and executing product marketing, public relations, communications, and digital marketing programs. He is currently open to new work.

Main Photo by Luca Bravo

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