LED Mainstreamed: Nestle Uses Digital Gate Archways In Saudi Grocery

February 27, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Yet more indication that LED has mainstreamed – digital gateways leading into a big box grocer in Saudi Arabia.

This was put in for the global brand Nestle by Saudi Signs Media, an OOH media company based in Jeddah. What I like here is can’t-miss visual dominance of these things, as well as the way the columns are protected, at least a little, by rails at floor level. But if you look closely – and using white amplifies it – the lower edges have taken a bit of a beating … maybe from shopping carts, or maybe from getting moved around if they’re rental LED displays.

I’m less enamored with the screens hanging from ceiling thing because they are above the natural line of sight, and look a bit sloppy. Did the installers not have a bubble level with them on the job? The counter-argument is that while they don’t look great, they’re kinda hard to miss, as well.


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