That Big Window Screen At ISE’s Host Venue Kinda Sorta In Use This Week For Mobile World Congress

February 26, 2024 by Dave Haynes

I was curious if that largely transparent, super-thin Muxwave display on the glass curtain wall of the main entrance to the Barcelona facility that hosts ISE would also get used for advertising at an even larger trade show – this week’s Mobile World Congress.

It is, but only kinda sorta.

A scroll through Linkedin posts hashtagged with #mwc2024 suggest that the Fira Gran Via venue and the show are using the screen, but it appears Samsung’s marketers had already secured the main entry visual space and has big printed vinyl graphics flanking the two middle window panels and covering 50% of the screen.

My (probably safe) assumption is that sponsor positions like this were probably sold well in advance of this screen going up. It’s first high profile use was during ISE a few weeks ago.

I mention this because the Fira’s use of the skinny perforated LED foil on the inside of the windows is a compelling use-case for this tech that gets way beyond the dreaded arguments of eye candy and wow factor. The tech makes the windows a changeable vendor marketing canvas, trade show by trade show. We started to see this at ISE, with some vendors either buying that space, or perhaps having it as part of a major ISE sponsor package.

MWC is expecting north of 90,000 registered attendees this week, which is even bigger than ISE in raw foot traffic.

I’ve seen big displays inside convention halls – like the very big one in the new-ish LVCC West Hall … now somewhat ironically dwarfed by The Sphere now visible out that big window. The LVCC also uses that screen for exhibitor and trade show marketing.

The top photo, by the way, is members of a German company attending MWC.


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