Display Tech Company Says Its Outdoor DOOH Screens Have Same Air Cleaning Power As Six Trees

February 26, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Public-facing screens on sidewalks and attached to structures like bus shelters get knocked in some circles for using up energy while having no real purpose beyond  advertising, but a small US display technology company says its screens are good for the environment – with the assertion that a coating on its LED display totems has the same air cleaning capabilities as six mature trees.

Orlando-based 375LED says it uses the light-triggered chemical reaction photocatalysis to filter nitrogen oxides from the environment, using a nano-coating on the display modules.

I won’t get into the hows of this because I am mostly going cross-eyed trying to make sense of it – I did not miss a calling in the sciences.

The company suggests: With Eco-active technology onboard, our screens actively neutralize air impurities and other harmful toxins such as Nitrogen-Oxide (NOx), Sulphur-Oxide (SOx), volatile organic compounds (VOC), and benzene. According to Fraunhofer University, they’re certified as ISO 22197 NOx abatement, and installing just 100 sqm of our screen technology has the same effect as planting 150 trees!

My friends at German content partner invidis seem to have  their collective heads wrapped around this a bit moreThe cleaning power via photocatalysis for certain volatile substances is undisputed when there is sufficient sunshine, as in Spain, but in the DACH (Germany) region not only is there a lack of sufficient sunlight, but the cleaning of fine dust and cooling of the city air is of greater importance. (OOH/DOOH media company) Ströer in particular relies on DooH integrated into large moss walls.

375LED is not a familiar company, but I like its attempt at differentiation by trumpeting what it says are “the world’s first sustainable LED screens.”

The tech will likely resonate more in Europe than in the US, where retailers crank the AC but leave the doors open to the sidewalk. This is a bit reminiscent of attempts by custom display manufacturers and DOOH network operators, in recent years, to position their ad display totems as being smart city infrastructure with WiFi, sensors and other add-ons. Smart city infrastructure was/is more sellable to city governments and voters than ad displays, even though in most cases the display network would not exist without the ads.

That said, these eco-active screens are in the field in Zaragosa, Spain, and the Zaragoza City Council is using single-sided smart totems to communicate with residents and visitors.

  1. Wes Dixon says:

    Just like in the musical “Gypsy”… “So, get yourself a gimmick, and you, too, can be a star!” I still content that there is NOTHING about digital signage that is “environmentally friendly” …AND… I am in the business of selling as much of it as I can!

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