MRI Now Producing LED Billboards In New Facility Outside Of Charlotte, NC

February 22, 2024 by Dave Haynes

The Toronto-area LED display manufacturer and services provider Media Resources Inc. (MRI) is really doubling down on the idea of controlling the supply chain and production by doing as much as possible in North America.

The company already has an automated LED display module production line at its head office facility in suburban Oakville, which is anywhere from 25 minutes to three days drive from downtown Toronto. Now it has opened a digital manufacturing plant located near Charlotte, in Fort Mill, SC.

The Fort Mill plants was previously used as a warehouse for MRI’s non-digital billboard hardware division, which has been sold off. The plant is now producing the company’s outdoor-rated VISIONiQ digital billboards for the US market. The first 14’x48’ digital billboard came off the line last week, and MRI also plans to make its Siteline billboards, designed to limit light pollution in nearby residential areas, out of that plant.

Says MRI:

Upon reaching its full operational capacity, the Fort Mill facility will specialize in producing all standard-size digital billboards for customers, particularly those located in the mid-Atlantic and Southeastern USA regions. This strategic location will enable Media Resources to significantly reduce lead times and lower freight costs for billboard operators across America.

Moreover, leveraging Media Resources’ comprehensive in-house installation capabilities will further enhance the value proposition, offering customers a seamless, quality-assured, turnkey solution that encompasses manufacturing, logistics, and installation services, all managed by the dedicated Media Resources team in Fort Mill.

The company says it is also planning a second US facility on the west coast to more readily service the central and western regions.

“The establishment of this new digital manufacturing plant in Fort Mill will significantly enhance our production capabilities and provide added value and flexibility to our customers with manufacturing, shipping, and installation services from this centralized location,” says Jeff Rushton, MRI’s President & CEO. “We have used this model successfully for many years in other parts of North America and believe this will be a game-changer in how we deliver value and support to the out-of-home industry in America. We could not be prouder of the incredible Media Resources team that made the rapid conversion happen. I personally look forward to hosting customers at the facility in Q2/2024 when we are fully operational.”

There are other companies out there doing some degree of final assembly outside of China and Taiwan, but I think most are still relying pretty heavily on contract manufacturing partners in those countries. I don’t know if it is unique, but I’m certainly not aware of many North American companies that have invested in the machinery and processes to do the manufacturing on this side of the Pacific.

Note: MRI and LG-MRI are different companies, though both do displays.

  1. Wes Dixon says:

    A North American LED manufacturer would be nice. I know there are others, but they each leave something to be desired.

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