New Mega-Resort Near Seoul Has Vast LED Canopy Over Entertainment Street

February 19, 2024 by Dave Haynes

A vast LED canopy display has been switched on at a new mega resort about an hour west of Seoul, near that sprawling city’s main airport.

The display is the key feature of an area called Aurora, and involves 150-meters (not sure if that is length or square meters) of LED display above what is called an immersive entertainment street.

The Mohegan Inspire resort, owned and managed by the Mohegan Tribe of Native Americans of Connecticut (a very big and growing gaming operator), runs a “show” on the canopy every 30 minutes.

It is described this way (warning – seriously florid language ahead):

Since time immemorial, the ethereal glow of the aurora borealis has been the muse for myriad myths: Norse lore heralds it as the radiant reflection off the Valkyries’ armor as they soar through the sky; in Finnish mythology, it’s the swift arctic fox whisking snowflakes into the air, where they catch the celestial light of stars and moon, weaving a tapestry of vibrant hues. Every year people venture to Northern Europe to chase the elusive aurora, but not all quests are successful. Yet, within INSPIRE, the magical spectacle of the aurora can be witnessed at your leisure, any time you wish.

Aurora is an immersive entertainment street enveloped by a 150-meter LED display adorning the high ceilings and walls, presenting surreal imagery. The high-resolution LED and pillar LEDs, reaching skyward, unveil captivating digital content that immerses you in otherworldly realms. As you stroll through this indoor environment, you’ll feel as if you’re meandering amid tall grasses in a mystical forest beneath a boundless blue sky, or perhaps, you’ll find yourself submerged in the depths of a cerulean sea. Traverse the marvels of Northern Europe in this new digital expanse of unprecedented scale.

No idea who supplied the LED displays or other infrastructure, but happy to be informed.

This video shows some of the content, which is more about undersea than sky scenes …

  1. Wes Dixon says:

    Very cool! Is the ROI people coming to the mall to see it and then they shop? How can that be profitable for anyone except the content provider and the LED manufacturer? (and I wonder if it was even profitable for the manufacturer)

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