Watch This Gorgeous Visual Illusion Campaign For Dior, In Seoul

February 16, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Visual illusions on big public ad displays are now quite common, and a lot of the stuff now being generated and promoted doesn’t get a lot beyond the trickery of an object seeming to escape the boundaries of the display, and maybe rotate.

Then there’s the Seoul creative studio d’strict, which arguably started the use of anamorphic illusions on big public LED displays, and keeps pushing the possibilities.

This is visually sumptuous piece that ran in Seoul across multiple sync’d displays above a Christian Dior in December – the creative done for the DIOR 2024 Cruise collection. It focuses on the Monarch butterfly’s annual migration from Mexico all the way to Canada and back each year. This Dior collection includes butterfly prints.

The campaign reaches beyond the screens and includes print graphics on the store, and a live model in a street-level garden. The creative does the 3D object effect like many others, but the creative is so much more involved and next-level. Beautiful!

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