Oslo’s Main Rail Hub Now Sports The Biggest Non-Commercial LED Wall In Europe

February 16, 2024 by Dave Haynes

A lot of major rail transport hubs in Europe and elsewhere have added big sweeping LED displays in their main halls, but they’ve tended to be put in place for DOOH advertising by media companies, not information for riders. Here’s what is billed as the largest indoor non-commercial LED video wall in Europe – a 126-square-meter display in the main rail station for Oslo, Norway.

Oslo central station is Norway’s busiest railway hub, with more than 150,000 visitors every day. It already had a vast information display in the main hall, but it was beat-up and getting old, and losing its brightness.

This new one went up in just two weeks in December 2023, with the crews restricted to only working overnight when the station was relatively quiet.

The solution was delivered by the Norwegian office of Swedish solutions provider/integrator ZetaDisplay.

From a case study:

A 126 square meter LED video wall was placed at the entrance to the station, welcoming commuters into the space and providing essential travel information throughout the day. The screen is currently the largest indoor LED screen for non-commercial use in Europe.

Due to its enormous size, two LED screen wings were added to either side of the screen to give it a curved appearance, allowing commuters to read travel information from any part of the station.

The solution also included the installation of several smaller LightRolex LED screens in various areas of the station to provide essential travel updates on departures and arrivals.

The study and video below don’t reference LED supplier or pixel pitch, but what’s evident is that costs for fine pitch have now lowered sufficiently that it can be schemed in to projects like this. The images and video suggest whatever pitch is used is tight enough to show crisp characters to travellers. For a few years now, sub 2mm pitches have been tight enough to pull off displays like this, but costs were prohibitive.

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