Loop Media Expands Market To Include Custom Streaming Channels For Enterprise Businesses

February 14, 2024 by Dave Haynes

A lot of digital signage CMS and solutions providers who start out targeting the small business market shift to enterprise, where there is more money and scale, and now we’re seeing Digital OOH network operators make a similar shift, or maybe in the case of Loop Media, and expansion.

The LA-based company, which provides curated streaming TV channels at venues like bars and restaurants, has now announced what it calls “a new enterprise program to create customized business channels for enterprise businesses to develop and create their own branded entertainment channel to run in their venues via the Loop TV network.

The premise is that workplaces that now pay real money for digital signage CMD solutions and content can instead get a version of that for free, with the trade-off being advertising.

From PR:

This highly innovative rethinking of the branded entertainment television channel continues to position Loop Media as a thought-leading disruptor in the in-venue streaming sector. Many enterprises have made large investments to create, develop, produce, and distribute their own branded entertainment channel to their various venues, outlets, warehouses and offices. Some advertising and streaming platforms charge businesses up to hundreds of thousands of dollars to create a customized business channel.

Loop Media now does this for free and makes it easy and seamless for enterprise businesses to have their own branded channel on their venue screens distributed via the Loop TV network and the highly secure Loop Player.

Me – They use little Android boxes, provided free to end-user operators.

“Enterprise businesses are consistently looking for ways to control costs as they seek to grow revenue and attract new customers. Their in-venue screens are a powerful way to do that, by providing their own branded content to entertain customers and increase dwell time, while showcasing and enhancing their brand, services and products. Loop Media can help drive this process at no cost to the business,” says Jon Niermann, CEO of Loop Media. “We developed the ‘Customized Business Channel powered by Loop TV,’ in which we curate content for an enterprise client to create a channel that is business and brand specific. We’re very excited to roll this service out and better-serve both our current and future enterprise customers.” 

“Loop understands how important it is for enterprise businesses to find ways to elevate their brand and differentiate themselves from the competition. In order to stay relevant in a digital-first marketplace, LoopTV is offering enterprise clients the ability to optimize their budget and technical resources to realize their own branded entertainment channel that gives them the ability to elevate brand awareness across their venue screens,” says Torrae Lawrence-Mitchell, Vice President of Enterprise for Loop Media.

“The ‘Customized Business Channel’ is just another example of how Loop® TV continues to reinforce its commitment to delivering innovative solutions to meet the demands of our enterprise clients,” Lawrence-Mitchell adds.

“More advertisers today want brand-safe media, especially when buying digital video. Our premium brand-safe CTV platform reaches consumers where they are now, efficiently extending advertiser audience reach. We feel our small and medium sized business and large enterprise offering is exactly what many media buyers are searching for,” says Bob Gruters, Loop’s CRO “At Loop Media, we continue to look for ways to democratize the TV channel distribution business and media buying for all brand sizes.”

It is hard to pass judgement on this sort of thing without seeing it in action, and understanding the full capability. Ads in workplace environments is not new – Captivate did it in elevators 25 years ago and then expanded to lobbies.

I see it as entry-level, for companies that want some sort of branding and basic messaging around their venue. But the reason that workplace has developed into such a rich vertical market for digital signage solutions is its capability to reach and effectively communicate with staff who maybe don’t have desks or aren’t likely to read emails. This solution feels more like infotainment for the office, which is OK, but a limited solution for business communicators.

We’ll see how it goes.

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