DPAA Creates MOOHA, A Subset Association For All Of Those Ad Networks On Moving Vehicles

February 13, 2024 by Dave Haynes

The DPAA trade association thinks there is now enough activity and differentiation with roaming digital advertising networks to warrant creating and fostering a self-governing subset group called MOOHA, short for Moving Out of Home Association.

The group, labelled a collective by the DPAA, involves companies that have ads on the top of taxis and ride-share cars, and on the sides of trucks and vans.

MOOHA’s members include Adgile Media Group, LED Truck Media, Wrapify, AllOver Media, Can’t Miss Us, Carvertise, Firefly, Geopath, Mobilytics, Motionworks, Movia Media, Nickelytics, Reveal Mobile, Street Metrics and Vugo.

MOOHA was discussed and developed by the DPAA board in 2023 and mentioned in CEO Barry Frey’s talk at last year’s DPAA Global Summit in New York. It will be formally launched at an event on March 13th in NYC.

“Technology, measurement and attribution for ads on moving vehicles has increased to the point where advertisers are taking notice and investing significantly,” said Barry Frey, President, and CEO of DPAA. “Brands and agencies saw this in action at The Cannes Lions Festival of Advertising last June, when the animated DPAA logo was featured on a big, beautiful LED screen trucking up and down the Croisette.”

The DPAA argues that advertising on moving vehicles is now trusted by big brands such as Amazon, AB InBev, Coca-Cola, MLB, Molson Coors, Google, Pepsi, Salesforce, General Mills and Sony Music, who design campaigns with vehicles that travel in close proximity to brick and mortar locations enabling market takeovers.

It’s an interesting development, and while I don’t spend a lot of time these days looking at the DOOH sector, it’s easy to imagine that the value propositions are different for ad screens in fixed places that people come to are different from those of networks that take the ad medium to the people.

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