ISE Mixer Back For 2025: Here’s Some Pix From Last Week

February 7, 2024 by Dave Haynes

The venue used for the last couple of mixers has been secured for 2025, and we’re exploring ways to open up the numbers, so more people can attend.

That would involve canopies on the outdoor plaza, and heaters. I’d like that as we turned a lot of people away, and outside is quieter. We keep the music way down but when there are 225-250 people in a room all chatting, it gets loud.

Existing sponsors always get first right of renewal, and a couple have already stuck up their hands. I expect several more will, as well. But we may add 2 or 3 if we expand outside (more costs to cover).

I am in Portugal on a working holiday, and have a keynote Thursday in Braga, at which I will fly through too many slides and observations about ISE and the state of the industry. The plan is always to talk to just a few slides, but there is so much to cover from a big show.

I am referred to as a world-renowned expert, which makes me giggle. No, I’m just Dave.

Inevitably, I have some post-trade show bug, but the red wines of Douro are soothing my throat 🙂

This is my office at a beachfront AirBnB near Porto. Rain coming in later today, but it is nonetheless lovely.

I have many more pix but editing on the finicky old MacBook I use for travel is a pain in the butt (cursor jumps to different lines). But here are some from last week. More to follow next week.

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