Dubai Mall Lights Up Massive 980 Sq. M. LED Wall

February 6, 2024 by Dave Haynes

This is touted as the biggest indoor LED screen on the planet, taking out what had been described as the biggest OLED video wall on the planet.

It is, of course, in bling-loving, deep-pocketed Dubai, at the vast Dubai Mall.

The LG OLED wall only went live in 2017, in front of the mall’s aquarium, but it has been replaced by almost 1,000 sq. meters of LED display, supplied by Infiled and integrated by my new friends at Dubai-based Blue Rhine Industries.

German content partners Invidis note that the 820 OLEDs that went in presented content production challenges, and the units were not overly durable – “so the OLED wall had been black for years.”

Flat panel displays would age out over 6-7 years and there would have been a lot of seams for all those tiled panels, whereas the new video wall – at least from the viewing distance of shoppers – would look seamless.

The wall is 70 meters wide and 40 high, and uses 3.9mm pixel pitch LED cabinets.

There are other massive indoor LED displays that might actually have larger footprints, like the canopy over Fremont Street in Las Vegas, but those tend to be lower rez scoreboards or ceilings seen from great distances. At 3.9mm, this one is approaching fine pitch status.

There is also, as is pointed out in the comments, the screen in the Sphere in Vegas.


  1. Bob Raikes says:

    Sorry, Dave, not even close to the internal display at Sphere in Las Vegas, which is said to be 160K sq ft!

    1. Dave Haynes says:

      Oh, yes! Though I’d put that screen in a separate bucket, so to speak. It is in a ticketed, closed environment for specific, performance-related entertainment purposes, versus a free for anyone to view screen for advertising and promotion.

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