ISE 2024 Sixteen:Nine Mixer Sponsor Profile: Videri Launches “VIP” Zero-Touch Intelligent Provisioning For Digital Signage Screens

January 30, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Integrated Systems Europe is now on, and I have this post timed to run the day after the mixer that I am assuming went off in Barcelona just fine.

The event had eight great sponsors, who helped cover the considerable costs of the evening, and one of them – Videri – wanted to hold their profile until the start of the show. The NYC-based company is exhibiting at ISE and wanted to hold off on the profile until the day it was launching new capabilities for what it calls “zero-touch”provisioning of digital signage.

ISE stand — Hall 6 – 6F530

What products and services are you showcasing at your ISE booth this year?

At ISE 2023, Videri previewed a prototype of our 4th-generation Digital Canvas, the Spark Series.

This year, visitors to the Videri booth will get to experience the full impact of Spark Series combined with the management power of Portal3, our latest software release. Portal3 delivers a whole new level of scalability and reliability, with a never-ending focus on innovation and security combined with a series of new features that place our end users at the heart of our platform.

This year we are most excited to showcase our Spark2 LTE Digital Canvas with Videri Intelligent Provisioning (VIP), a revolutionary self-provisioning and auto-setup never been done before in digital signage. Equipped with LTE connectivity, the Spark2 automatically connects to a mobile network (and our backend) when powered on. The Canvas not only provisions itself, but it also extends its provisioning capabilities to nearby Videri Digital Canvases, creating an inter-connected and live network of digital displays – without touching a single Canvas. Take the Spark2 LTE Canvas out of the box and just plug it in. We take care of the rest. No manual wireless set up, no provisioning of remotes or apps is required. Plug and play. Literally.

Videri Intelligent Provisioning is a revolution in zero-touch provisioning for digital signage. A world-first.

When you are asked what Videri does and offers, what’s your elevator pitch response?

Beautiful, Simple, End-to-End.

Videri is Latin for “to be seen”. We are confident that we have the best solution for the world’s top brands to be seen out of home. Videri is a pioneer in SOC-based digital displays, and famous for our beautiful, ultra-thin, flush-mounted Videri Canvases. We enable brands to integrate our Canvases into existing environments, enhancing spaces where mounting a regular TV would not reflect the premium brands we support. Videri is a wireless-only solution that not only looks great but has been built to make deployment a breeze.

Since we first launched our Canvases, our global customers required ultra-advanced content and device management, so we have always been a turnkey, end-to-end solution.

Traditional print providers love Videri

Since Videri’s latest platform was built for easy install, set up and management at scale, we see partners that have been in the traditional print merchandising space now using Videri as a way to extend their current offerings into Digital. Digital signage has been a little daunting to newcomers, selecting a hardware provider, a device management platform, a CMS and an integrator partner to make it all work together. Videri offers these partners a turn-key solution that has been proven to work, with minimal support resources.

You are based in the United States. How much of your business is in Europe and beyond?

While we are based in New York and Montreal, Videri already has quietly established a large global footprint, with over 100,000 displays deployed across more than 80 countries, thanks to some big global customers. While we were at ISE last year, we realized there was a ton of untapped potential for Videri to be more focused in Europe and the Middle East. It inspired us to make bold moves to expand into those markets. We now have employees based in several EU countries and the UK and have enhanced our distribution network to support a growing partner community. To cater to the market demands, Videri has inaugurated a fulfillment hub in the Netherlands.

At ISE, Videri is featured this year alongside its partner TD SYNNEX (Booth #3Q500.) In the Middle East, Videri’s expansion is backed by Abcom distribution, a division of the Almoe Group of Companies. The company is actively seeking new partners and is fully equipped to serve the market with its comprehensive digital signage solution.

If you are a European integrator or reseller that wants the ability to expand your digital offering and put digital in more places, we would love to talk to you. Our open platform is partner ready for integration, apps and services that allow you to do more with digital for your end-users.

What is something that is often not well known or forgotten about Videri?

We have one of the world’s best CMS and Device Management platforms, and run Android

While people know us for our beautiful Canvases, we have also built one of the world’s most advanced device management platforms and a scalable CMS that can seamlessly handle >100K displays around the world for a single tenant. Because we control the experience end to end, (hardware, firmware, app and cloud software) it makes everything work better together from setup to management of fleets of Canvases. We also use Android on our Canvases and with our advanced processors can run rich APKs that are very simple to build and deliver powerful custom experiences.


Built from the ground up to be low-energy and self-contained, Videri Canvases lead the market in sustainability. They are easy to provision and “just work” out of the box, resulting in far fewer truck rolls through the life of deployment.  With no unnecessary components (i.e. external media player, tuner, speaker), and by leveraging our brightness scheduling in our device management console, the Videri Platform uses up to 50% less energy than a traditional display solution.

What is something you want ISE attendees and the digital signage industry to know about Videri

We are open and want to partner!

Videri was operating in stealth mode until about a year ago and now we are making ourselves known in the industry around the world! We offer an open platform, where you can bring your own CMS to run on our Canvases (through Flex tier), and later this year you will be able use SOC hardware from the major providers (or via our Spark Bridge media player for non SOC displays) to connect to our back end and publish your branded content seamlessly across multiple hardware platforms. We are actively signing up partners around the world and looking to help integrators grow their businesses with a simple, powerful, scalable solution – The Videri Platform.


These events only happen with the tremendous support of sponsors. The companies who were the sponsors for the 2024 event:


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