ISE 2024 Mixer Tech Provider Profile: Agile Queue Platform Provider Moviik Enabling Easy, Swift Guest Check-Ins

January 25, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Unless something kooky happens, we really, really should finally have kiosks handling check-ins at the Sixteen:Nine mixer come Monday night in Barcelona, ahead of ISE next week.

I tried at DSE in late 2022, but the suppliers turned out to be knuckleheads (I will will spare you the details).

We had it all down and ready to go at DSE 2023, but the logistics company completed buggered the delivery.

We’re trying again for Barcelona, but I have a very good feeling it will work out this time. I’ve seen the demo. The gear is in hand. And the technology provider is specifically in that region.

If you managed to get a scarce registration for the mixer, when you show up you should need only to know how to spell your surname to get a label for your attendee ID badge. We’ll have a kiosk set-up at the entry that will spit out labels that then get attached to badge blanks and lanyards.

This should be a massive improvement over laying out endless rows of pre-printed badges on tables, and also means I am not humping a label printer over to Europe from world HQ in east coast Canada. That makes me happy.

The kiosk software, hardware and know-how is all being supplied by Moviik, a technology company based in stunning Braga, Portugal, just up a bit from Porto. Moviik is focused on queue management solutions, so this check-in routine falls roughly in line with how waiting consumers are handled in environments like government offices and medical clinics.

Moviik is part of EDIGMA, which specializes in the development of custom, content-driven interactive experiences, queue management and digital signage projects. Combining design, creativity and technology, the company says, we create experiences that are both entertaining and meaningful, helping our clients envision the future and engage with their audience.

You may also know EDIGMA for another company and brand in the group – DISPLAX, which is widely known as a major player in Large-Format PCAP Multitouch technology.

I bumped into DISPLAX CEO Miguel Fonseca at ISE a year ago, and asked if his company could help with a check-in solution. He said said yes, and he has indeed been a huge help. His team has also been great.

Moviik will be on the ISE floor next week, tied in with LG. Hall 3, Booth 3K100.

I did a Q&A with Miguel …

Tell me about Moviik.

Moviik is a software Platform focused in Modern Queue Management running on SAAS business model. It´s globally available running on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure servers so we offer a very efficient service and fast availability to our customers.

It’s dedicated to solve Queue Management simple and complex implementations in Retail and Airports.

In retail, the typical use cases we have been covering are Pharmacies, Telecom shops, Banks, Malls… and a bit of all types of shops in general. We´ve started to deliver what everybody needs to have that is a paper ticket to enroll in Queues. But now expanding to more complex and interesting use cases that combine Paper Tickets with Digital Ticketing using SMS, WhatsApp, and mobile Web browsers.

In airports, where we are growing a lot, we have been innovating by adjusting the Platform to serve Slots for travelers to book their visit to the Security Check in ahead of time for free; a cost typically supported by the airport for the wide benefits it brings them. Another is software for the Airlines Service Centers, providing a multichannel way for travelers to enroll in the queues to be served and informed instantly when they lost flights, bags, when they need to rebook, etc .

What is the relationship Moviik has to Displax, and to Edigma?

Moviik is part of a group dedicated to DOOH. We created this new company 3 years ago. Others have > 10 years . We are now forming a DOOHx Company Group; it means for us Digital Out of Home Experiences.

DISPLAX is the most known and leads the group with an international approach focused on manufacturing ultra large projected capacitive touchscreens for the Interactive Digital Signage market. We sell globally with string presence in EU, USA and Asia.

EDIGMA is the company dedicated to AV System Integration and Experiences. Have a strong presence in creating Experiences in Public Spaces and it has grown also with Digital Signage implementations; geographically is focused in serving Portuguese end customers, B2B oriented also –

What will you be demonstrating at ISE and where is your stand located?

We’ll be partnering with LG at their own booth with software targeting specifically the healthcare sector with use cases as Hospitals and Clinics.

LG Electronics Kiosk hardware and Moviik Platform software will work together at ISE to demonstrate how they perfectly match and reinforce each other.

We will be at the booth Hall 3/ 3K100

Queue Management is not new but it has changed a lot in recent years, and grown much more sophisticated. Have you seen the applications and use-cases expand in the last few years, particularly during and after the pandemic? What’s an interesting example?

During the pandemic, the need arose to make public spaces safer for people. Everything was made possible by the effectiveness and power of queue management. We can implement and deliver a new project in minutes, so it was perfect for the pandemic rush and uncertainty.

What we are now heavily involved with is to power up Digital Ticketing, where paper is no longer the best fit in many cases and customers asking more for the similar ticket flight experience in their shops. Digital tickets offer more than the paper where people can suddenly take tickets close to the store and then wait their turn wherever they want, take more than one ticket, monitor the status of their ticket in real time from their phone, cancel their turn, let the store know they’re late, etc…) The digital ticket is a natural evolution of the paper ticket and we are now working to be the world´s best on that area.

We think of queue management being used for things like government and medical office waiting rooms, but there are much broader use-cases, correct?

Absolutely, queue management systems have a wide range of applications. Some sectors:

4- Your company is based in Braga, Portugal. What is the technology scene like in Portugal, particularly as it relates to digital signage and pro AV applications?

In Braga, Portugal, the tech scene is on the rise. We are located in the “Silicon Valley” area of the country with Tech University close to us that we are also closely connected with. We also have the biggest Nanotechnology Lab of Portugal and Spain in the city, so we breath tech and can feel it in the streets.

Portugal has been always a Tech Innovator, adopting really fast new technologies. The dimension of the country allows innovation to spread fast. Businesses are increasingly adopting digital signage for advertising and customer engagement, and now you can see it everywhere, in street shops, malls, all over; Many, many shops have displays in the front door.

The professional audio-visual sector caters to various industries, with a demand for top-notch AV solutions in conferences and events. The startup ecosystem is thriving, contributing to innovation in these tech domains.

In Portugal, many companies use digital signage for both indoor and outdoor displays and there is a consistent demand for high-quality AV solutions, where businesses and institutions often require professional audio-visual setups.

We have several DOOH companies that focus on innovation and quality and they have been growing through out Europe with several end customers relying their Av Systems to be produced here. We have  innovation mixed up with good weather, good food, tech and easy to travel anywhere … easy to keep living and innovating from here to the world.

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