Oh The Irony: A Windows Pop-Up Error Message On The Big Screen Of A Microsoft Store

January 18, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Pop-up Windows error messages on digital signage and digital screens has been a source of regular amusement in this industry for many years, but it is particularly funny when the pop-up message is on a big screen above the entry to a Microsoft store.

This is in New York – at the Fifth Avenue location of a Microsoft Experience Center. The company closed most of its retail answers to Apple stores a few years ago, but a handful persist – including ones in New York and London.

Our friends at German language content partner Invidis had a writer in New York this week for NRF and on walkabout Monday, this was spotted and captured on the LED wall over the entry. A Windows firewall app was blocking the play-out application.

The scaffolding in front of the store suggests there is building work going on, but anyone who knows New York knows scaffolding can stay in front of a building for years, decades even, it seems.

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