Going To ISE?: Here’s A 40% Discount Off Tickets To FC Barcelona Matches That Week

January 18, 2024 by Dave Haynes

If you are into football (soccer, to some), and are going to ISE in less than two weeks, you might be interested in a discount worked out between the trade show’s organizers and the host city’s most famous sports club, FC Barcelona.

A deal worked out between the two will see tickets being available at 40% off for two home games that week that see the FC Barcelona men’s side playing a pair of teams in the top tier Spanish pro league.

The discount applies to:

The 40% off also applies to an immersive attraction related to the club, and to a pair of men’s pro basketball games.

The one qualifier with the footy discount is that Barca is not playing right now at Camp Nou, the already massive stadium that is in the midst of a big facelift and expansion. So if part of the experience is sitting with 99,000 fans, that’s off. The club is playing its games, during the renovation, at the stadium that hosted the 1992 Summer Olympics.  It has a much smaller capacity, so the match experience won’t be quite the same.

But still … Barcelona. This is what a hime game can look like at Camp Nou …

Tempted, though I already have a match lined up to see a week later in Portugal (working holiday, no snow in Porto!).

For tickets, go to the official FC Barcelona ticketing site. Use the code ISE2024 at the checkout to get the 40% discount.

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