Samsung Officially Launching Its VXT CMS Globally During ISE

January 15, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Samsung has been previewing and talking about its new digital signage software solution for the past year, but now the Korean technology giant is officially launching the product and giving VXT a longer name – Visual eXperience Transformation (VXT) Platform.

The platform is billed as being a cloud-native CMS that combines content and remote signage management on one platform, and it is what will gradually replace Samsung’s long-running and much-evolved in-house CMS, MagicINFO.

Samsung was talking about this a year ago at ISE and had closed-door previews and briefings at InfoComm last June. I had an arranged interview with the Samsung guy in charge of VXT and he was surprisingly frank about how the platform was in direct competition with CMS software companies that had developed to Samsung’s smart display software and thought Samsung was a partner, not rival for CMS business.

From PR announcing VXT’s official launch:

“Cloud migration is an unstoppable trend,” says Alex Lee, EVP of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “VXT is an innovative step toward this migration in that it makes high-tech signage more readily accessible, no matter where our customers are. But not only is high-tech signage accessible, the content and remote management solutions VXT provides are user-friendly.”

Samsung VXT is the next evolution of CMS software from MagicINFO™, delivering an enhanced cloud-native solution tailored for seamless content creation and management of all B2B displays — including LCD, LED signage and The Wall. VXT streamlines the deployment and updating of software directly via a cloud portal, which eliminates the cumbersome process of manual updates. Registration of devices is designed for efficiency, as well, with a simple 6-digit pairing code that allows for quick and secure setup.

Samsung says VXT is three core modules in one platform:

One interesting little wrinkle very casually mentioned right there is that VXT is NOT solely tied to Samsung’s own Tizen operating system. It will also work with media players running Android 10 or higher. I don’t know if that is entirely new, but it’s new to me.

The platform also has third-party integrations – working with the premise that companies don’t need to write a fill CMS … they can drop their functionality on to an existing one. Instead of apps, Samsung calls them Pre-Integrated Repeatable Solutions (PIRS).

VXT also combines content, solutions and expertise of third-party system integrators, software developers and content partners to provide users with access to an even broader range of incredible content, specific to vertical use cases, without the need for additional customization or development. Some of the notable Pre-Integrated Repeatable Solutions (PIRS) include:

Samsung has a global launch event in Barcelona on Jan. 31st, during ISE.


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