Visplay, Videri Collaborate On Visual Merchandising System That Snaps Screens Into Electrified Slat Wall

January 12, 2024 by Dave Haynes

There are companies like Instore Screen and Bluefin manufacturing custom displays that work with the physical set-up of store fixtures, but I don’t recall seeing a set-up that works larger displays into a retail-focused slat wall.

That’s one of the modular options that a German visual merchandising company, Visplay, is marketing with a product called Invisible 6. The slats accept all kinds of things, from hangers to floating shelves. But they’ve also worked with the NYC-based company Videri on a mechanism that allows the software and display company’s super-skinny square and 16:9 “digital canvases” to snap into merchandising walls.

That’s possible  because the slat wall system has electrified rails (24V) that can supply power along their full length to shelves with built0in lighting, AND to digital devices like Videri’s low-voltage displays.

It’s of course possible to find studs and drill four holes into a wall to accept and hold more conventional display mounts and displays. However, that means picking a position and sticking with it, because moving it will leave marks and holes. It also means some way has to be found to hide the power cable, and possibly signal cables if the media player is external.

With this, a slat wall is a bit of a blank canvas. If the best place for a display (or displays) changes when visual merchandising plans change, the screen would just pop out and snap in to a slat rail somewhere else on the wall.

Quite clever.

Videri, by the way, is one of the sponsors of the Sixteen:Nine Mixer at ISE and will have a pile of screens at the event, as it did in 2023.



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