Missed This: Perch Was Acquired By Raydiant Back In Sept. 2022

January 12, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Old news, but not to me – the San Francisco software and solutions firm Raydiant acquired Perch back in September 2022.

I missed that, but had been wondering recently what had become of NYC-based Perch, which was early in the game packaging up interesting lift and learn merchandising solutions using sensors, overhead projection and displays. 

The company’s tech has been paired up with the computer vision capabilities of another Raydiant acquisition, SightCorp, to create a solution called Raydiant AI. That business unit is led by Trevor Sumner, who was the CEO at Perch.

I liked what Perch was doing, and some of its deployments, but it felt more like a boot-strapped lab than a company that could scale. I also think pairing interactive merchandising with AI makes sense.


  1. Trevor Sumner says:

    Hey there! Happy to chat more about the acquisition, how we got here and our scale with the Raydiant platform combining computer vision for both lift-and-learn and audience analytics. Hit me up. Let’s chat.

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