ISE Clarifies Badge Situation, Moves Up Opening Hours To Ease Expected Congestion

January 9, 2024 by Dave Haynes

I have questions in to ISE, and specifically show director Mike Blackman about the badge printing and pick-up issue at ISE in three weeks from today.

I’m not sure I will hear back because A) the team is undoubtedly slammed and B) I’m probably not all that popular after suggesting the plans for the 2024 show look more than a bit messy.

Blackman did, however, speak with Guy Campos of AV Interactive to clear up some misconceptions about how things will work in Barcelona. You can find that post here, headlined: ISE pours cold water on badge printing entry chaos fears

The highlights of his response:

Clarity helps, and I think opening two halls and the concourse will help matters, as well as creating more entry points to the sprawling venue. Most people squirt out of one subway station or get dropped off from rides at the curvy main entry area, but there are multiple ways in and out of there … however, you need to study the layout map to be smart about it.

There is another subway stop integrated with the venue that, based on my 2023 experience, not many attendees knew about. I was reluctant to type that out, as I’d enjoy it remaining largely unknown.

I hope these clarifications and adjustments help matters, but I’m guessing one hell of a lot of people coming to the show don’t read AV Interactive or Sixteen:Nine, and also won’t read an ISE e-mail, just because that’s not how they roll.

I hope getting in is not a mess, just because. But also because no matter what I do as advance prep, I’ll still have make my way past the queued-up throngs.

The ISE site still says: To allow faster entry to the show, we are asking ISE 2024 attendees to print out their badge in advance and bring it with them to the Fira.

Here’s what I have asked as a follow-up:


The show has slightly tweaked its badge messaging on its website, adding a note that “If you’re unable to print your badge in advance, printing is available at the show.”




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