Bluefin Launches New Flex-OS Displays That Run Built-in Brightsign or Android, Or Use External Player

January 8, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Atlanta-based specialty display manufacturer Bluefin has broadened its product line to offer more flexibility in what play-out hardware and software can be used with its range of retail-centric shelf-edge and header displays.

The company now has an LCD display line-up called Flex-OS that ranges from 27 to 55 inches in standard formats, but also include ultra-wide ribbon style displays. The distinction with this line is that the screens can run on a BrightSign system-on-chip broad or on an SOC that runs Android or Linux.

The units also have an override feature built-in that offers more flexibility. So if a network is running Brightsign-driven Bluefin Flex-OS displays, and an external media player is plugged in to the display’s HDMI port, that external signal will auto-override the built-in player.

All that means is operators specifying Bluefin displays aren’t necessarily making a hardware choice they have to live with for several years, and if there are reasons to make changes, that doesn’t necessitate pulling out what’s been deployed. It also gives

From the PR, which amusingly refers to all this as “The Future of Digital Signage” …

Key features of the Flex-OS series include:

The product page is here:

For hardware nerds, the Android/Linux SOC is a RK3399 board but Bluefin says it can integrate other boards for custom or OEM opportunities, when there is scale.

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