Cybersecurity Firm Deploys Some 150 Sony Pro Displays For Multiple Uses Across Global Offices

January 5, 2024 by Dave Haynes

Here’s an example of a company heavily adopting display technology across its workplaces, and standardizing on a manufacturer for everything from control room video walls to menu displays in the break areas.

The cybersecurity company ReliaQuest has offices in Tampa, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Dublin, London and Pune, India, and has recently deployed roughly 150 Sony BRAVIA pro-grade displays across locations as new company spaces were being created.

From PR:

The displays are used broadly for playing videos and running meetings in their collaboration spaces, huddle rooms, conference rooms, common areas and performance centers, where the company holds their trainings. They’re also used for multi-purpose collaborations with their customers and teammates, and for digital signage in the open areas of their operating centers including in their cafés and reception spaces as well as site-wide communications and company town halls.

“At ReliaQuest, our mission is to make security possible, therefore, it’s critical that we have access to the latest technology,” says Regina Marrow, ReliaQuest’s CIO & EVP of Operations. “On any given day, we are hosting customers from large enterprise companies, and the technology that we are using, and our operating centers, serve as the underpinnings of those interactions. So that technology must be world class and reliable because it reflects our brand. This technology directly impacts the effectiveness of those interactions because consistent experience is crucial for our teammates and customers.”

The displays – 55s and all the way up to 100 inch models – were put in by integrator AVI-SPL.

Marrow says going with Sony was important to because important client and prospects are regularly ReliaQuest operating centers for interactions ranging from executive business reviews to trainings. “The high-quality, consistent and reliable experience that we have with the displays gives us peace of mind. We know that they’re going to work every time and the images are crisp, they’re clear, they’re colorful and they’re stable.”

Since ReliaQuest opened its new operating center and installed Sony’s professional BRAVIAs and other technology, the overall experience has been enhanced for their customers and teammates. A perk the company noticed about the pro BRAVIAs was their ability to operate without interactions from the everyday user. ReliaQuest set up their displays so everything could be managed centrally, which is very helpful for their teammates, especially when the displays run on a schedule to maximize the energy efficiency and minimize wear. Due to the pro BRAVIA screen mirroring feature, their employees work collaboratively by utilizing Microsoft Teams. With their company buildings having large windows and being located in areas with natural bright light, the displays have no issues providing good, vibrant image quality — even when it’s midday.

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