Mormon Church Books Domination Campaign Across 27 Times Square LED Screens

December 27, 2023 by Dave Haynes


Brands sometime book domination campaigns that sync up multiple LED spectacular displays in New York’s Times Square, and there are periodic late evening takeovers for public digital art on those screens, but here is something quite different: a Christmas-themed message across 27 displays – planned, booked and delivered by the Mormon church.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints developed a nativity story that ran across the many screens on Nov. 27th, as part of a Christian-driven effort called Light The World. The piece was 30-minutes in length and was just played through once.

There are other forums where people can debate and bicker about faith (this isn’t it). I just think it is interesting that it was done, and that the use of particles in the creative is nice. The in-person audience for this would have been in the 100s or low 1,000s that night, but a month later the video has 33 million views on YouTube.

I thought that was a lot, until I read Baby Shark Dance has 13 billion views. Six of the top 10 all-time YouTube videos are aimed at toddlers.

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