NRF’s Big Show In January Now Preceded By Full-Day Retail Media Networks Conference

December 19, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Discussion of retail media networks has really accelerated in the past year or so,  and while a lot of that discussion has been much more about online and mobile, in-store displays are also getting a lot more attention as being part of the marketing mix.

There’s enough noise about the topic that the National Retail Federation has organized a dedicated one-day conference ahead of its big annual trade show next month in New York City.

NRF formally starts on Sunday, Jan. 14th, but NRF now has a full day event on the 13th called What’s in store for Retail Media Networks

The pitch:

Join hundreds of retailers, in-store experience and technology experts, brands and agencies at this full-day event focused entirely on what’s widely considered the most important channel in the white-hot retail media (RMN) ecosystem – the physical store.

In the first event of its kind, NRF and STRATACACHE are partnering to dedicate a full day right before Retail’s Big Show to take a deep dive into how in-store media networks will deliver significant streams of new revenue from the physical store.

STRATACACHE CEO Chris Riegel told me the goal was to have a solid day of serious and interesting retail, brand and adtech people talking about what’s going on, what’s possible and the challenges in making things happen. To his credit, while STRATACACHE is the co-sponsor with NRF, he said the agenda very deliberately doesn’t have much, if any, stuff from his company or other vendors.

That’s smart, and helpful. We’ve all sat down at conferences and sat wondering why whoever had the microphone was being allowed to pitch a product or service, in the guise of education and knowledge-sharing.

This is the agenda (copy-pasted, hence the slightly off formatting … I could fix but would take an hour or two … so, no :-] )

  1. craig keefner says:

    Thanks Dave. I’ll add to my NRF agenda post.

  2. Elizabeth A Warren says:

    Retail Media Networks is a mega topic on the minds of retailers – what we’ll be showcasing at our booth #4174 on Level 3. Please come see us if you’ll be at NRF, or book a session with us Thank you Dave for covering!

  3. Wayne Rorex says:

    This is going to be great !

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