School’s Digital Signage Management Handed Off To Young Woman Battling Cancer, To Keep Her Connected

December 18, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Sometimes stories are just about the people using technology, and not the whiz-bang nature of the display tech or software. Take the case of this school in Oklahoma, and a teacher who found a way for a young student to stay involved in her school – even from home, where she was dealing with cancer treatments.

Rise Vision passed along a post about a school district in the small town of Davis that cut over to its CMS software, and got the young woman, Ava, involved in managing the screen network.

When faced with the adversity of a severe illness, Ava was unable to stay enrolled in her physically demanding elective classes. However, she still wanted to participate in school. Ava found her path to staying involved with the school by joining the media class under (IT Director and Media Class Teacher Bobby Alexander’s) guidance.

“But honestly, just being home was the worst, like feeling isolated and like missing out,” she says. “That was definitely the hardest part.”

Alexander introduced Rise Vision to Ava as a creative solution to manage the school’s digital displays and engage the students. With the fully remote management capabilities, Ava was able to manage the district’s Rise Vision digital signage software from her laptop in her room. 

“And so it just worked out so well. … between [Ava] and our move into Rise Vision… she became a pro at it. Like in a matter of no time,” remarked Bobby regarding having Ava manage their digital signage remotely. 

From her room, Ava was able to source content for the digital signs at the elementary, junior high and high schools by connecting with various people within the schools. 

For athletic content, she connected with the coaches and principals to get dates and times for events. For photos of the day to day activities, the yearbook director would email photos from events. She also grabbed content from social media and reused that content for their displays. 

The most popular content in the elementary school was birthday shoutouts. In the high school, she would post content around different student achievements like if someone went to powerlifting regionals or Gulf State. Students love seeing themselves on the TV.

Ava’s journey with Rise Vision is unique because she not only managed the digital signage from the comfort of her bed, but also became an inspiration for her peers. Despite her health challenges, Ava used Rise Vision creatively, showcasing the resilience of a young student.

The full case study is here …

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