Neat To See: Poppulo’s Management Team Has More Women Than Men

December 18, 2023 by Dave Haynes

This is neat to see … I did a quick check today of the Poppulo website, curious to see if it had cut over the leadership page to reflect CEO David Levin stepping back Friday after 18 years to a board position and Ruth Fornell taking over.

The site has indeed been updated – and the top three positions are women, and five of the nine leadership jobs are held by women.

When I got into this industry in 1999, and for a very long time after, women in leadership roles were rare and their positions were usually with marketing or HR. While the percentage of women in AV and IT companies is still disproportionately low, it’s improved a lot, and organizations like WAVIT are trying to encourage and nurture that change.

Now two of the larger CMS software companies in our industry, Poppulo (formerly Four Winds Interactive) and Spectrio, have women in the top job. The time will come, presumably pretty soon, when this sort of thing won’t be something to even note.

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