1,100 Custom LED Light Strips Drive Experiential Visuals At Bangalore’s Main Airport

December 18, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Wide LED walls over the entry to the big security screening areas of new or modernized airport terminals are almost becoming something of a standard – with great examples from Singapore to Newark, NJ – but I haven’t seen one like this variation in Bangalore, India.

It involves almost 1,100 custom LED light strips, using 6mm pitch LED, to create a 165 meter wide experiential display over the customs clearance area in the baggage claim hall at Terminal 2 of  Bengaluru Kempegowda International Airport.

The LED strips are by the Spanish company Arch.eu, which does both screens and architectural light .. . something this job bridges. The animated visuals are all driven by EMOTIGITAL software, which appears to be a directly related company.

This is interesting because it shows how a vast horizontal space can be filed with active visuals, without necessarily breaking the bank on the video wall. It’s entirely possible this design is about an artistic/architectural vision, but using widely spaced LED strips and lower pixel pitch displays would likely reduce the overall capital cost quite a bit. It would do the same for creative costs.

The post I first saw on this suggests JCDecaux is involved with this display, but selling this like “regular” DOOH ad positions would be tough. The display is not referenced in the JCDecaux media showcase page for the airport.

This Linkedin video by Arch’s CEO captures how the wall works.

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