What’s The State Of The Digital Signage Industry? Complete A Quick Survey To Share Insights And Data

December 12, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Help characterize the state of the digital signage marketplace by freeing up a few minutes to complete an online survey.

Our German language content partners invidis are again doing a quarterly survey that establishes what it calls the Digital Signage Business Climate Index. The analysis generated from survey answers in the first half of 2023 revealed a mixed but overall bleak picture: hardware providers recorded declines in sales, demand curves for integrators remained flat, while software providers were able to continue to grow through recurring sales.

The Index itself is free to get and read, but it is only as good as the quality and volume of responses. Past surveys have generated scores of responses and while that’s good, 100s would be better.

Support the industry by letting invidis and Sixteen:Nine know how business went for you in Q3. You can still take part in the survey until December 22nd. It only takes maybe three minutes to complete. Research data is pretty spotty in our sector. There are seemingky daily junk research reports out of India, but real and credible data is hard to come by. You can help by doing the survey.

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