Huge Digital Facade Draws Eyes To Canadian Outerwear Brand Arc’teryx’s Toronto Flagship

December 12, 2023 by Dave Haynes

This is a very impressive digital facade for the Canadian outerwear brand Arc’teryx, which has a flagship store in Toronto’s high-end Yorkdale Mall.

I’ve seen lots of digital facades popping up in retail as LED has, in tandem, become less costly and more durable. But I’ve not seen one done at this kind of scale and shape, with the LED kinda sorta cut into the store’s towering corner wall. Most of the time, LED flanks the doorways and maybe runs across the top or as a canopy over the entry.

The project was installed by a Brantford, Ontario general contractor, Trade Sync. The company was also involved in the digital display upgrades at the Rogers Centre, where the Blue Jays play baseball. Hockey-mad people will recognize Brantford as the hometown of Wayne Gretzky.

Here are some technology details:

The LRED tech is Samsung’s and L Squared’s CMS is used.

-Modules are 240mm x 180mm @ 2.5mm pitch = 96 x 72 pixels or 6,912 pixels.
-Each full-size cabinet totals 82,944 pixels.
-Each –F (1/4) size cabinet totals 20,736 pixels.
-The video wall features curves of approximately 20 degrees along the convex curve and around 80 degrees at mitered corners.
-The installation comprises 2,130 modules.
-With 135 full-size cabinets x 82,944 pixels, the total pixel count is a staggering 11,197,440 pixels (11.2M).
-Additionally, 170 –F ¼ size cabinets x 20,736 pixels result in a pixel count of 3,525,120 pixels (3.5M).
-In total, the video wall boasts an impressive 14,722,560 pixels, filling 44% of an 8K canvas.

Here’s a video …

  1. Stephen Gottlich says:

    Many years ago “Window Dressers” would create “Stories” in the storefronts of retail stores, these exhibits would remain for a few weeks or a season until the weather changed, or another retail season was recognized. These new LED canvases at storefronts allow retailers to tell their stories in a far more dynamic way, the emotion that can be created that influences and inspires is a new retail tool that will make a difference. My only concern is if there are enough reasonably priced creative groups that will be needed to fuel these wonderful displays.

  2. Jared Lay says:

    If you would like some additional information on the design and process to bring this idea to life, give me a shout. Would welcome to opportunity to bring Best Buy into the conversation as well.

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