Visionect Release CMS Tuned And Optimized For E-Paper Displays

December 11, 2023 by Dave Haynes

For logical reasons, I think we all get so fixated on the energy-sipping “green” characteristics of e-paper displays that we kind of forget that software manages and drives these things, just as it does for LCDs, OLEDs and LEDs.

The Slovenian firm Visionect has been focused for years and years on making monochrome e-paper displays look gorgeous and support applications that span from meeting room displays to bus schedules. It has now released a Place & Play CMS specifically designed and optimized for e-paper technology.

From PR:

The high-end wireless device and platform offer an end-to-end solution, combining ease of use with advanced editing capabilities and robust security features: “Place & Play has been designed to not just solve one problem, but a whole series of them. The team continues to add features and pushes the boundaries of what electronic paper is capable of and moving forward, we’ll continue to grow our global presence, enhancing our technology and designs exponentially. Because we’ve dared to dream, our displays remain the leaders of an electronic paper revolution.”

Place & Play: Effortless Integration and User-Friendly Design

Costs for the platform work out to about $16/month to drive devices.

A “regular” CMS should be able to drive an e-paper display, though I don’t know many that do (Visix comes to mind). Interestingly, Visionect says its Place & Play CMS “seamlessly adapts to hybrid display environments and provides support for standard LCD and LED displays, enhancing its flexibility and compatibility.”

  1. Borut from Visionect says:

    Hi Dave, thanks for spreading the news!

    We have long tried to integrate generic CMS-es to the backend infrastructure that drives our screens, with mixed results. After long we have finally decided it is time to solve the problem on our own, taking into account that the majority of businesses have hybrid signage environments, so we support those as well. We are giving away a month of free CMS use with every purchase of our hardware (that in turn comes with a 30-day money back guarantee so anyone can try our tech risk-free!).

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