Questex Confirms DSE Will Be Back In 2024

December 8, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Back at World HQ after flying home from DSE, and once again finding myself frantically running through Montreal’s airport to make a tight connection from a late flight. Passport control and then 40 gates. But Joy and I made it. As did our checked bags!

The mad dash was, in part, to get back home in time for our little grandson Beau’s 2nd birthday on Thursday.

The last post I knocked out before getting on those flights home asked reasoned questions about the future of DSE, given the (very) noticeable downward trending of exhibitor counts and floor footprints.

But Questex, the trade show management company that owns and puts on DSE, says there will indeed be a 2024 version, back in Las Vegas.

Marian Sandberg, a Questex VP whose events portfolio includes DSE, responded to my headline: “Will There Be A DSE 2024? Who Knows …”

Thanks for asking! There sure will be, December 7-10, 2024 (pre-show events & conference December 7-8, exhibits December 9-10), co-located with LDI. LVCC already booked.

The Las Vegas Convention Center is already booked, of course, because trade show operators don’t tend to go year to year in Vegas, but book spaces years in advance to secure the same time windows and better halls. This year, the show was in the new west hall (yay!), which is MUCH nicer than the aging north and south halls, but still doesn’t have much in the way of seating for tired bones, aside from the food court.

Despite the small size of this year’s DSE, it can also likely go ahead because the sister show on the other side of an LVCC wall did very well. Sandberg’s boss, Paul Miller, has described this week’s LDI as having record breaking numbers.

They may be out there, but I have not come across any post-show references to DSE, other than thank you messaging and see you next year stuff.

There are operating economies for Questex, in that they already have space booked for LDI and already sending people to Vegas, like Sandberg, who can guide both shows. On its own, I kinda doubt DSE could make a go of it with the numbers seen Monday and Tuesday, but I will admit those are the observations of someone who has never staged a big trade show.

I have heard repeatedly that the quality of conversations and opportunities matter more than than the quantity at trade shows, and the feedback I had was that DSE 2023 vendors were pretty happy with what came out of the event, at least on a much busier day 1. Maybe that will pull back some vendors in 2024 who sat out 2023?

Based on foot traffic, it could probably be a one-day trade hall, given all the people who flew home Monday evening. But that sends a bad message.

There’s almost always some big event on during DSE in Vegas. This week, the horse trailers were coming in for the huge, many-days-long  National Rodeo Finals. The city is now filled up with cowboy hats and big buckles, and being in LV this weekend would be pretty amusing.

NFR will have started and in full swing when DSE and LDI are on in 12 months.


Now my attention turns to the final touches on the mixer set for ISE in Barcelona. That’s in, YIKES!, 52 days. Registration will go up next week, probably mid-week. Watch this space.

  1. Wayne Rorex says:

    DSE returning next year is important to the sector that it serves. Sixteen:Nine (and the most awesome mixer) make the justification to attend just that much easier. There are still too many in the industry that are not aware of the conference and the value of attending.

  2. Jeremy Gavin says:

    Screenfeed had a booth and we were very happy with the number of real leads and re-connections with customers this year. I’d say it was better than last year and even better than 2019 for us. We’ll have a booth again next year and hopefully support the 16:9 mixer again. Glad to hear it will continue.

  3. Brad Gleeson says:

    It’s been a privilege and a lot of fun to work with Marian Sandberg, David Drain and the entire team at Questex for the last two years to bring back the DSE event. As you know Dave, we polled the industry on what kind of show they wanted and the changes made from last year to this year made the show better. The conference program was exceptional (thanks DD), the quantity and quality of end users was tremendous (thanks Sonal Patel & Questex marketing team.) It will get better each year with Questex at the helm. Everyone we spoke to before last year said they wanted a dedicated digital signage tradeshow. Covid threw some curveballs but we should all be proud of this event. Now it’s up to the industry (especially the bigger manufacturers – you know who you are) to support it by exhibiting and attending. For one, I sincerely hope they do.

    1. Dave Haynes says:

      100% agree the industry wants and needs a dedicated event. The challenge is getting manufacturers – okay I’ll name them – like Samsung, LG, Sharp NEC and PPDS to make the investment, not to mention emerging Chinese giants like BOE and TCL.

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