Registered for The Sixteen:Nine DSE Mixer Sunday Night? – Here Are Your Need-To-Knows

November 30, 2023 by Dave Haynes

I sent out an email to attendees the other day, but I’m sure lotsa people didn’t have the time to read … so here’s a short version of that with the key details:

These are the need-to-knows for the big, annual Sixteen:Nine Mixer:

Date: Sunday

Time: 4:30 pm for pre-mixer discussion panel, 5:30-8 for formal mixer

Ticketing: it is sold out, 400 registered, attendees can attend the panel as part of registration (no additional registration needed)

Location: Hard Rock Cafe on the Las Vegas Strip, third floor

Food: lotsa nibblies, but not a meal

Deeper Details:

The venue is more toward the south end of the Strip, on the MGM Grand side and just up from that mega-resort.  The Park resort is across the street. The event is on the third floor of the Hard Rock, reachable by stairs or there is an elevator near the front of the store.

Once up on the third floor, you will immediately see a reception area. This year, we will have a pair of touchscreen kiosks supplied by URway Holdings and powered by KioWare software.

All you will need to do is walk up to one of those, find your name, and then print your name label. This can be done by boinking in your surname or, if you remember to print and bring it, scanning the QR code that comes with the ticket. Then you will attach that label to a pre-printed badge blank and lanyard, supplied by the check-in crew (my wife Joy and her sister Sue). The postcard-sized badge blanks have two tear-off drink tickets built in to them. If you are still thirsty after that, the bar will also take normal cash and credit orders.

If you registered in the past several days, it is possible your name will not be in the little database on the kiosks. You can skip on past those and see the check-in team. There should be a printed badge waiting for you.

There will be food, but not a meal. More like nibblies, including artisanal cheeses. It will tide you over to a meal later, perhaps.

There are two components to the event – a pre-mixer discussion panel at 4:30 pm and the networking/social mixer at 5:30, running to 8 pm.

The panel is open to anyone who is ticketed, and catching the panel doesn’t require any extra registration. There is a stage and AV, so we decided to make more use of that last year, and it was well attended. This year, we’ll have a panel looking at the present state of the industry, and emerging trends.

I will moderate and the panelists are:

That will run for about 50 minutes, with Q&A, and then we will cut right over to the mixer.

As always, we’ll keep the music to background levels so you can actually hear what others are saying. There is an outside patio if you want fresh air (albeit just above a very busy street!).

I’d appreciate you not bringing along plus-ones or plus-fives (it happens), as we do have an attendee cap and we don’t have a bottomless budget for drinks.

If you have any issues, I am usually at the reception area and can get you squared away. Or see Joy and Sue. I will be tied up on stage between 4:30 and 5:30.

Please make a point of thanking the sponsors who make this event possible:


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