UK DOOH Owner Swapping Out Roadside LED Displays For New Ones That Reduce Energy Bills By Third

November 28, 2023 by Dave Haynes

LED manufacturers are starting to get their collective heads around energy consumption levels becoming a deciding factor for some of their biggest customers, like media companies.

Consider the case of Clear Channel’s UK wing, which has replaced an aging-out LED spectacular billboard on the road to London Heathrow with a new one that uses roughly a third less energy – but is still capable of 10,000 nits (which is tanning-booth, visible-from-space bright).

The 72-meter long board – called Storm Cromination by someone who evidently likes to make people go cross-eyed – was a display from Ultravision. But it has been replaced by LED cabinets from Absen’s A series.

“The new Absen product we deployed has proven to allow us to reduce average power consumption by around a third compared to the previous installation,” says Marco Esposito, Head of Displays and Digital at Clear Channel Europe.

Energy consumption is a factor for two reasons:

Clear Channel is replacing about 600 square meters of LEDs with newer display tech around its London DOOH positions.

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