Big QR Code On Digital Signage Displays Drives Customer Feedback In Screenly-Tracx Partnership

November 27, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The UK software firm Screenly has announced an early adopter for its Edge Apps – an integration with a company specializing in customer feedback tech.

In something like a hospitality or other service-focused environment, customers can whip out their smartphones and scan a big on-screen QR code that launches a feedback application served up by Tracx.

From Screenly:

The Tracx Edge App doesn’t just collect feedback; it provides a context for each response. By tracking the location of every QR code scan, it offers valuable insights into how customer experiences vary across different areas of your business. Why You’re Going to Love This

How This Happens

  1. QR Codes on Display: Interactive QR codes become a part of your digital signage.
  2. Scan and Share: Customers scan the code to share their feedback effortlessly.
  3. Intelligent Data Collection: Capture the specifics of each interaction.
  4. Informed Decision Making: Turn feedback into actionable insights with an intuitive dashboard.

The big touted benefit of Tracx-derived interactions is that customer feedback can be turned into actionable insights.

This past summer Screenly launched a variation on its Raspberry Pi-centric platform called Edge Apps, expanding on the idea of headless CMS solutions that use the bones of a platform but leave the presentation and transactional layer to the customer’s software team.

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