LED And Hologram-ish Transparent LCD Create Gingerbread House Christmas Activation In London

November 23, 2023 by Dave Haynes

An “activation” for the beauty brand Jo Malone uses a blend of LED, transparent LCD and scent marketing for a pop-up gingerbread house on a plaza outside the repurposed Battersea Power Station in central London.

The gingerbread house has 3D illusion creative running on an LED that fills one wall of the structure, while inside there is a large transparent LCD doing a hologram-ish bit of trickery that has people captured on green-screen and shown in the display with a gingerbread man.

Participants get souvenir postcards of them with the figure. The Linkedin post mentions scent, so I assume the little pop-up house has the smell of freshly baked gingerbread pumped in.

No word on the LED, but the transparent LCD tech is from the London start-up Miirage and the AV solutions provider is BRanchout Productions, which is based northeast of London. The riverside Battersea power station has been revitalized as a mixed-use development that includes retail, dining and residential.

Here’s a video:

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