Bus Shelter DOOH Display Made Into Taverna Door To Market Mamma Mia Dinner Theater In Sweden

November 20, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Hat Tip to Tim Rowe of OOH Insider for pointing out this campaign in Sweden, which nicely shows how digital street furniture can be dramatically re-skinned to drive an idea:

Clear Channel Scandinavia was marketing an ABBA-themed Mamma Mia! party event – which I gather is a dinner theater venue thingie with audience participation. Dinner happens in a venue made to look like the Greek taverna that’s in the movie and/or play. I don’t know my Mamma Mia stuff, so if I have that wrong … sorry!

A version of this production is running in Stockholm, so to drive awareness and tickets, the media company developed a new skin for one end of a bus shelter at Hötorget – transforming it into a party entrance.

The play-out on the screen is triggered by a sensor, launching into video and music as the doors open.

Quite clever. Sensors are MUCH more common in digital signage for retail merchandising applications, so it is interesting to see this used for digital OOH ads.

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